The Benefits of Using Flaxseed Oil in Pet CBD

in News June 23, 2020

Why Use Flaxseed Oil in Pet CBD Products?

Due to the fact we are ourselves dedicated pet owners, BARKSY uses only the finest ingredients in our CBD sprays. Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our manufacturing process – from sourcing pure CBD to the addition of dietary supplements in our sprays. To this end, by utilizing such ingredients as flaxseed oil as a base for our products, BARKSY sprays work synergistically for your pets. The end result is they receive the best of both worlds in quality CBD as well as dietary supplements. flaxseed oil in pet cbd

BARKSY is set apart from other pet CBD brands through the careful attention to detail we apply in our formulations. With a serious investment in time, money, and energy into research and development, we arrived at our celebrated mix of flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, chamomile, and full-spectrum CBD. BARKSY based this cutting-edge formula on the belief that pets should enjoy the same level of quality in their CBD products that people do.

What is Flaxseed Oil?

Flaxseed oil (also known as linseed oil) is made by pressing the seeds of the flax plant (linum usitatissimum). Because flaxseed oil mixes well with other oils and ingredients, it has come to be used in countless applications. Today, flaxseed oil is utilized in a vast array of manufacturing and construction materials such as paints, stains, and putties. However, most importantly, flaxseed oil is an immensely popular dietary supplement for people as well as their pets. flaxseed oil in pet cbd

Looking at dietary supplements for people, the popular website Medical News Today identifies some real health benefits for flaxseed oil. These benefits include strengthening heart health, reducing cholesterol, fighting diabetes, treating inflammation, and aiding digestive issues. 

Benefits of Using Flaxseed Oil in Pet CBD Products

Leading veterinarians at VCA animal hospitals tell us that animals also enjoy a variety of health benefits from flaxseed oil. As seen with their guardians, dogs, cats, and other animals utilize flaxseed oil to help regulate essential body processes as well as treat ailments and injuries. 


Just like people, animals experience inflammation from ailments like arthritis or injuries such as sprains and breaks. To this end, we share in the fact that our joints and limbs require some extra help from time-to-time. Experts report that flaxseed oil works in treating inflammation and swelling in animals, making it a perfect complement to the benefits of CBD.

Digestion flaxseed oil in pet cbd

One of the primary reasons why flaxseed oil is such a popular dietary supplement is its effectiveness in treating digestive disorders. To this end, veterinarians report that flaxseed oil works as a lubricant to relieve constipation in pets. For older pets and others suffering from this unfortunate ailment, flaxseed oil offers a reliable natural treatment. 

Skin and Coat Care 

The most widely recognized health benefit of flaxseed oil for pets has to do with skin and coat care. As such, by regularly integrating flaxseed oil into your pet’s diet, you can ensure that their skin doesn’t dry out and that their coat remains shiny. 


At BARKSY, we believe in giving our pets the most nutritional CBD products available. To this end, we have gone the “extra mile” to ensure that our products contain health supplements that extend far beyond that of CBD. Conclusively, just as people function at their best with a healthy diet, our cherished pets closely follow suit with this fact. 

Barksy: Your Pet CBD Product Supplier

The team at BARKSY takes great pride in developing pet CBD sprays and treats with the finest ingredients. To learn more about BARKSY or flaxseed oil in pet CBD products please Contact Us.

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