Certificate of Analysis for Pet CBD

BARKSY loves our animal friends and is dedicated to providing safe, quality products. We not only want to say this but we also want to prove it. This is where a certificate of analysis for pet CBD. Also known as a "COA," this document is prepared by an independent third-party laboratory to confirm our products were made to the correct specifications. In every COA you’ll find the number of cannabinoids found in our products as well as the levels of potential metals, pesticides or any other contaminants which may be found in the hemp plant. BARKSY invites you to analyze our certificate of analysis for pet CBD yourself. Not all CBD is created equal and BARKSY stands by the quality products we provide.

Things to Look for in a Certificate of Analysis for Pet CBD

If you have never read a COA, its likely you don’t know what to look for. However, in order to find the very best CBD products for your pets, BARKSY recommends you take some time to understand what sort of info is conveyed by a certificate of analysis for pet CBD. 

Key things to look for include:

  • CBD levels
  • THC levels (all legal hemp products have less than 0.3% THC)
  • Other cannabinoids like CBG 
  • Pesticides from hemp farming
  • Heavy metals from hemp farming
BARKSY has partnered with Agriscience Laboratories and Botanacor Laboratories in Denver, CO to test all of our CBD extracts. Both are commonly recognized as an authority in the field of hemp compliance and testing has confirmed that BARKSY CBD is sourced from 100% organic hemp. 
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Download BARKSY COA Here